Our treatments in and around the home – We treat all baseboards, cabinets, and closets that we can get to safely. We also treat attics, garages, window sill areas, doors and the outside foundation around the weep holes and other perimeter areas. We also check for termites during each treatment.

We treat the entire yard for ants, fleas, ticks, and other pests. For yards with fire ant problems, we also spot treat ant mounds in addition to spraying the yard.

Animal Control – Rodents and Animal Trapping
We treat home and yards for small rodents such as mice and rats. For larger animals such as raccoons and opossums we use traps so that they may be released unharmed back into their natural environment. Skunks, snakes and other animals are referred to a specialized company.

As part of our regular service, we check for signs of termite activity. Should we find any problems, we will refer you to a company that specializes in termite treatments.

Bees and Wasps
Most bee treatments are referred to a specialized bee keeper.

Our Guarantees:

90 Days:
Ants – House
Carpenter Ants
Animal Trappings

30 Days:
Fleas – Yard
Ticks – Yard
Ants – Yard